Laurie Sterritt

Executive Director

Laurie Sterritt joined the BC Aboriginal Mine Training Association as its founding Executive Director in 2009.  She came to BC AMTA from a senior role at Vancity Credit Union, and has also worked as an executive recruiter and as a project and special event manager. Laurie will become the founding CEO of First Resources Impact Fund (F1RST RESOURCES) in January 2012.  An innovative social enterprise, F1RST RESOURCES will create unique business opportunities with the objective of expanding BC AMTA’s training and employment model and creating long-term positive impacts for First Nations.

Laurie earned her Bachelor of Commerce degree at UBC and was certified as a Professional Fund Raiser by the University of Indiana.

Laurie is a member of the Kispiox Band of the Gitskan Nation and grew up in Campbell River, BC.  She joined the Board of the BC Institute of Technology in 2011.  Her commitment to community service includes roles with the Minerva Foundation, the BC Mining Industry Labour Shortage Task Force and the Northern Resource H.R. Committee of BC.

“I’m committed to improving the economic health of Canada’s Aboriginal population by systematically reducing or removing barriers to employment for First Nations within the natural resources sectors” say Sterritt.

Away from work Laurie enjoys running, reading, and snowboarding--and trying to keep up with her husband and three active children.

Contact Laurie

P: 604-681-4321 ext 112
E: lsterritt@bcamta.ca

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